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Sardonzin 5 km

Walk or run for the whole family... perfect with four-legged friends!




80 D+

Certificate not required

Max time 4 hours

10 until August 1st

15 from August 2nd

Pets on a leash allowed

GPS tracks for members

Flashlight or headlamp

Trail or hiking shoes

Sufficient food and drink 5 km

mobile phone turned on

suggested: insect repellent

poles are not recommended

24.08.24 at 3pm

Registration closing

24.08.24 4-5.45pm

24.08.24 at 18

Start Race

24.08.24 at 11pm

End of the race

Le premiazioni delle competitive avverranno sulla linea di arrivo

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Route info

A 5.5 km walk with very little difference in altitude between the trenches of the Fisherman's Village and the paths of the Bratina Promontory: adventurous passages in the walkways of the Great War and along forgotten routes.

An exciting route, with new views even for those who are from the area, but without difficulty.

A nervous departure, through a maze of narrow paths, where one person passes at a time: these are the trenches of the First World War. The terrain is not difficult to tackle but it is like moving, well guided by the signs, in a real labyrinth to be discovered. You travel about 1.5 km in this maze, completely in the shade and cool.

After crossing the trenches you return through the Cernizza wood, the historic hunting area of the Princes of Torre and Tasso, also known as the Deer Park or Bosco Nigriano. The name “Cernizza” comes from the Slovenian term črno, which means “black”, referring to the dense shadow produced by the branches of the holm oak, an evergreen oak typical of this forest. The forest is crossed by numerous paths that create a sort of radiant design, giving life to a labyrinthine effect where walking becomes particularly fun, with narrow paths, easy but full of changes in direction. The route runs along the Tower Wall of Raymond IX, a two meter high barrier wall around his Deer Park, passing over the sea side today before returning to the Fisherman's Village and crossing the finish line. Suitable for the whole family and for medium and small sized dogs.

Not suitable for bicycles and strollers.